Monday, November 24, 2014

Books: Mario and Horsies!

Two books that will devour your time in the happiest manner.
Super Mario Series for Piano?! Holy crap! My mister bought this for me at the music shop and it is amazing. I'm not what anyone would call "good" at piano, so it'll take me some time to play through it without butchering the timing, but I'm already having maniacal visions of impressing large and admiring audiences at house parties.

Quite coincidentally, I also stumbled across this online yesterday, pictured beside an equally promising-looking version for the Zelda games. So, that's out there as well. It exists. This makes me happy.

Lee J. Ames' Draw 50 Whatevers books have been my friend since I was a wee girl. I recently found this one, Draw 50 Horses, at a thrift shop. We've had some good times together this week, me and Mr. Ames.

If you're searching for fun things to draw, you might pop into your local library and order in a few of these books. Or, just look in the children's area of the library for drawing books. The adult drawing books I've seen are all pine trees, pears, and exposition. The children's books have few if any words and show you how to draw fun things like dragons and cats and castles and horses. Lee J Ames and Chris Hart are my favorites. <3 And, you'll avoid the Google Images trap where you accidentally search through Google Images so long looking for a picture to draw that by the time you decide upon something, you're fresh out of time to actually draw it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't fret, my pet.

 "I didn't inherent any creativity or artistic ability." 
"I wish I could draw."
"You're so lucky to be given such a lovely talent."

If you enjoy drawing or crafting and ever speak of it to other humans, you've likely heard some version of the above phrases. And, you probably already know the truth of the following: Everybody sucks at art until they have practiced a lot. Neither creativity nor artistic skill is a lottery prize you win at birth. You have to work for them like you work for a paycheck. And, like a paycheck, it comes in little bits, very slowly, and directly proportional to the amount of time you spent clocked in.

So, if you get a bee in your bonnet to start drawing, don't worry about your genealogy or the lack of art fairies present at your birth. It matters not. Just draw and draw often.

This concludes today's public service announcement.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birds of a feather...

I felt as though my "Owl and Magnolia" needed a little feathered friend. Here, as a result, is "Falcon and Oak." 

Honestly, I finished this birdie months ago, but I have felt more like doing art than blogging about myself doing art for quite some time. At last, I find myself quite in the mood for blogging again. Since I've been away from the internet, I've tried scores of super fun and kid-friendly art projects at the library that I can't wait to post about. I've been making miniature ink drawings, learning to screen print, taking Barnum's Winter to craft shows, and lots of other fun adventures. I'll be happy to blog about them all so long as blogging doesn't get in the way of actually doing things. Oh internet, what a double-edged sword you are.

Until we meet again dear reader...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Advice

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, ink drawing and digital coloring
As I sat inside all weekend watching a mid-May snow storm destroy my trees and gardens, I figured, "Hey! Let's learn a little Photoshop to take my mind off of my dying babies!" 

I wanted to make a fun little postcard for my bestie for her impending birthday. And, since we weathered Latin together back in the day, I thought the combination of nostalgia and immaturity might hit the right birthday note.

If, unlike me and Emily, you were smart enough to take a useful language, like Spanish, allow me to translate: "Semper ubi sub ubi" = "Always where under where" (You know, which sounds like Always wear underwear). It's good advice.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring in Barnum's Winter

 Long time no see! Here's a painting I made this weekend -- the first I've painted in months. I'll call him, "Great Horned Owl and Magnolias," an accurately descriptive if not very inventive title.
The ol' shop is also open again after an extended vacation. I was gifted a shiny new camera for Christmas, so I celebrated by taking shiny new photos of my postcards. Drop by the shop and let me know what you think!
Happy Spring!