Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Paper Pompom Garland

The Christmas decorations are finally down and it's not nearly time yet to start working on my flower garden... My house suddenly seems so plain. So, I made this paper pompom garland to add a little cheer and a little color while I'm waiting for spring to get here! Now I'm dreaming of making fantastically long garlands of these to decorate for a garden party as soon as it warms up a bit outside. I can imagine them perfectly, draped all about my pergola. It's actually quite easy if you'd like to give it a go. Have fun!

1. Supplies needed: Tissue paper, string, scissors.
2. Cut a wide strip, about 6-8" from the stack of tissue paper.
3. Cut this strip in half, lengthwise, so you have two stacks of tissue, roughly 8x10"

4. Using 8 pieces, fold tissue like an accordion.
5. Don't fret too much about being neat. It won't really matter.
6. Keep your tissue folded.

7. Cut the ends to make them rounded.
8. Cut two notches in the middle, one on each side, and tie your string around your folded tissue.
9. Leave the ends of the string, as you'll need them to tie your pompoms together.

10. Begin peeling the top piece of tissue away from the top of the stack, being gentle so you don't rip it.
11-12. Peel and fluff, peel and fluff, round and round you go!

13. Once the first tissue on the first side is peeled up, do the same to the other side.
14. Once the whole first layer is peeled up, flip over your stack and peel and fluff a layer from the bottom of the stack.
15. Repeat until all layers of tissue have been peeled apart and fluffed. Then, holding your pompom by the string, re-fluff any flat areas.

16. Now that your first pompom is done, make some more! I made 9 for my garland.
17. Get a piece of string as long as you'd like your garland and tie your pompoms on, using the strings you've left hanging out.
18. Hang your garland and enjoy!

Looking for something more to make your house even prettier? Perhaps a lovely picture for your wall!

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