Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Recycled Book Mail Folder

I've started to dislike having our mail thrown haphazardly about every available surface in our living room.

What a perfect occasion for the DIY spirit, thought I!

I thought of hollowing out a book to make a box for my papers, but realized immediately that if my electric bill was boxed away quite so snugly, I'd forget about it and get into all sorts of trouble for non-payment.

I needed something a bit more open and visible.

Inspired by those re-purposed book purses I've seen, but lacking in any sort of sewing or pattern-making skills, I grabbed a book, some cloth, and an obscene amount of hot glue and stumbled my way through this pretty hanging folder.

(click on any row for a larger view of the step by step images)

(1.) I recommend using a book that is already damaged. I got my coffee stained Medieval Art book from the thrift store for a dollar. (2.) Using a knife, cut out the insides. (3.) Cut a piece of pretty fabric to cover the inside bit of the book and (4.) glue it on. (5.) Next, place your book cover over a piece of paper and trace the shape of the sides. (6. and 7.) Using the paper template, cut the side pieces out of your fabric, leaving a 1/2" or 1" flap/seam on each side. (8. and 9.) Glue those on by the extra bit of fabric on each side! (10.) Then, attach a ribbon or chain for hanging along the top of the back. (11.) Finally, cover all of your ugly raw seams with pretty ribbon. Yes, I glued the ribbon on too. 

(I'm sure anyone with the least bit of sewing savvy would be horrified to see me use hot glue for all of this. But, I can't sew very well.)

And, I have a pretty little hanging mail folder.
Mission accomplished.

Speaking of mail, I also just received my darling little kitty cat postcards this week for the shop!  They look so nice! Huzzah! I'm trying to resist the urge to keep them all for myself and my own correspondence needs.

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