About Me

I am Charlie and it's a pleasure to meet you.

I make my living by day at a charming little ivy-covered library. It smells like paper and looks like an old English storybook house, complete with gables, bay windows, and a uniquely feminist ghost.

As each day draws to its close, I turn off the lights, say good night to Sarah (the ghost), and make my way west towards home.

I live in a little brick cottage just east of the mountains, on the western border of the city, in a little neighborhood called Barnum West. I share this house with a willful and mischievous garden, a stern blue-eyed boy, and a particularly hairy white creature who is either a somewhat small breed of bear, or else a rather large type of dog.

(My garden in Barnum West, circa 2010)

Home smells like pumpkin spice and feels like memories. Here at home, I love coaxing broccoli and peaches from my yard, making all sorts of pretty crafts, whipping up delicious food, reading amazing adventure stories, listening to the Mister play music, and, of course, painting.

I paint moments of stories that haven't been written, notes of songs I can't remember, and the loveliest places that I've never seen. But, I'm still learning. It's my very own quest: to teach my fingers to tell stories with inks and paint.

I'll hang my pictures in my gallery as they are born and post other pretty things, interesting ideas, and fun tutorials in my blog to keep them company. And, if you see something you rather like and want to take home with you for your very own, I have a little shop filled with lovely paintings, prints, and other goodies.
(My Library, circa 1913, courtesy Denver Public Library)